Who is The Little Ponderosa Zoo


The Little Ponderosa Rescue Zoo is a 501c3 non-for-profit business where neglected, abused, and surrendered exotic animals from around the United States have a forever home. Approximately 94% of our animals are rescues. All of them have their own unique rescue story. Many were cases where the owners just couldn't provide for them anymore and wanted them to have a better home-which was the case of many of our foxes, large snakes, monkeys, and birds, among other animals. Some even came from zoos that have shut down for various reasons. However, some of the stories were not as simple. Some animals were neglected, or even abused. Some were taken from drug busts and others were dropped off at our door step in cardboard boxes. 


On December 4, 2017 our barn caught fire. Workers rushed to save what animals they could before the fire made it impossible to enter the building. The fire was a terrible loss, it took the lives of some of our animals who were all loved more than words can describe. Among the lost birds, reptiles, small animals, farm animals, and exotic foxes and monkeys. One was our iconic monkey, a Java Macaque named George. George came to us from a police raid of a meth lab in 2010. He was found in a cage where he was confined and abused. He came to us as one of the most aggressive cases we have seen. He would shake the bars of his home, scream, and threaten people; over time, however, he improved significantly the more and more we loved and worked with him. 


Despite the terrible loss and devastation of the fire we have to keep moving. We still have animals at the zoo that deserve the best life we can provide for them, and as the days go on we are beginning to get more animals in from dire rescue situations. One of our surviving rescues, and another iconic figure, is our wolf hybrid named Shadow. Shadow came to us skin and bone, emaciated, and terrified of everything. We weren't sure if he would recover at first. However, over time with the help of the vet's office he recovered, and now is a plump happy half-wolf half-husky who loves kisses and cuddles from his keepers. Another rescue was our red kangaroo named Rio; he came from a drug bust on the other side of the United States as a baby. Then there are our 4 coyote-hybrids. We went to an animal shelter to pick them up and save them from euthanasia. Because of the percent wild they were, they couldn't be re homed to the general population. Now the four of them live happily in their little pack where they love to howl and greet the keepers when they come to care for them. 

 While the fire broke our hearts, it has shown us that we aren't the only ones grieving-our community is too. We realize that the community loves the animals just as much as we do, and we have seen that through the outpouring of donations, both monetary and material. We thank you, and want you to know that all of your donations are going to help us care for our animals and rebuild the zoo in the best way for the animals at first.

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